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Business Lending

Account Receivable Advances / Factoring Loans

If your business wholesales to other businesses that don’t always pay their invoices promptly a revolving line of credit can provide a cushion at desirable terms and is the perfect solution. 

         Credit Card Processing:

Do you know how much your present credit card processing company charges?  We believe we can save you a substantial amount of money.  

          Equipment Lending:

If your business is about to purchase any type of business related equipment just email your proposal for a quote.     

          Merchant Lending/Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

Generally most banks would rather charge fees than provide any type of unsecured or business loans.  This is especially true when the business owners’ credit history is below par or perhaps there’s an inability to produce several years of financials, tax returns and various additional historic income.  Fortunately MCAs are not credit score driven and are based on only six months business cash flow to determine the ability to repay.  If the last six months account activity reflects a minimum of $10,000 gross monthly proceeds can usually be wired into the business account in three to five days from date of application at average. 


PURCHASE:  The purchase of real property along with purchase of the existing business, property improvements, bids, proposals and invoices for any business related needs including equipment, inventory and supplies along with the consolidation of any business related debt.

REFINANCE:  Can include refinancing of a higher interest mortgage and the consolidation of any business related debt.  Property improvements and the purchase of additional inventory, supplies or equipment can also be included. 


GUIDELINES:  Purchases can go as high as 90% loan to value with a 10% down payment requirement minimum.  There can been no federal loan defaults, credit scoring must be at standard levels, the ability to repay the loan must be based on historic business income and the subject property must be at least 50% owner user.  This is one of the few types of commercial lending available fully amortizes (is self- liquidating) at terms that are far more conducive than most other types of commercial loans.    



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